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Attention: This event is past.
We will publish any news about future events soon.


8th April: Drupal Gov Users Day

Drupal has a lot of features in place that give governments a solid starting place for secure portals and applications that integrate social media, open data and mobile features.

The second day will offer interesting sessions that go into detail about solutions for governments.

Sessions on the 8th April

Time: 9:00


Time: 10:00

Since Drupal modules supports both the publishing and querying of RDF data, Drupal instances are ready to contribute to the linked data cloud, a network of data resources whose value increases the more they connect with each other.

In this presentation I will give a brief overview of the projects the European Union is currently funding to support linked data...

eu funding, European Commission, Government, linked data
Stefano Bertolo (European Commission)


Government bodies and companies face the challenge of creating websites that are optimally accessible to people as well as browsers and search engines. There are internationally recognized agreements for creating accessible websites like WCAG. The Dutch government has assembled these international standards in a quality model called the...

accessibility, Government, rfp, wcag, web guidelines
Baris Wanschers (Sogeti Nederland B.V.)
Alexander Fase (ICTU - Webguidelines)


In April 2010 released four modules back to the Drupal community. One of the modules, GovDelivery, was released to specifically direct Drupal originated transactional emails through the GovDelivery service.

GovDelivery’s platform, designed specifically to help Government engage a large audience efficiently and effectively across all their online channels, is now used...

collaboration, Communication, email, gov20, rss, sms, social media
Dave Worsell (GovDelivery)


Hands-on, interactive session: the audience will be invited to share their experience of building and maintaining Drupal websites.

Any topic can be discussed, some ideas to get started:

  • Multi-language websites
  • Picking the right modules
  • Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 ?
  • Distributions: Acquia, Pressflow, OpenAtrium …
  • ...
Bart Hanssens (Fedict)


Time: 11:00

For 7 years we have been doing European educational projects for adults in the European framework of the life long learning programme. Since then we are using Drupal to manage and publish that work.
For most of our partners and participants, Drupal is the entry into the world wide web or at least into the world of open source software.

We are working with universities,...

education, European Commission, project management
Christine Graf (
Isabell Schulz ()


In this session I'd like to show a module that allows the integration of Sharepoint content into your Drupal website.

Sharepoint -> Drupal integration is an interesting case because you now can expose the benefits of using Sharepoint ( Document collaboration and versioning, Integration with Microsoft Office, Docuemnt workflows , Enterprise Search, etc. )  ...

3rd party integration, Sharepoint, Webservices, XML
Stefaan Ponnet (Fusebox)


Digital Asset Management is at the heart of our information society: If something is worth keeping it is worth knowing what it is, and where it is stored. MediaMosa is a Drupal distribution to build a Full Featured, Webservice Oriented Media Management and Distribution platform.

With MediaMosa you can build a state-of-the-art, scalable Middleware Media Distribution Platform which...

accessibility, video
Michel van de Ven (MadCap)



For several years , Blue4You has been using Drupal in the development of institutional websites. Projects carried carried involve the 8th Asia Europe Summit, e-Governement Congress 2010, Russian Mission to the EU,...

admin interface, Back office, intuitive, project-tailored, user-friendly
Jean-David De Lathouwer (Blue4You)


Time: 12:00

Our presentation at Drupal Government Days aims to explore, the online communication platform of the Open Source Observatory and Repository. is an initiative of the European Commission with the scope to promote, exchange experience and share information on the use of open source software by Public Administrations. More particularly, provides helpful information for...

European Commission, open source software, OSOR.eusoftware development, OSS, public administration
Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos (OSOR Consulting Team)


The Knowledge Center, developed for the province of Limburg, is a true example of an integrated communication platform with a targeted audience.

The purpose of the project is defined as follows:

  1. a quick and user friendly interface used for collecting data on a monthly base.
  2. monthly results in a report...
anaXis, collaboration, drupal, extranet, Government
Bart Gysens (anaXis nv)


In this session Internet Architects and Krimson will talk about how government sites can benefit from a user centered approach to building websites. Learn how to build a site that serves your visitors and don't let Drupal's limitations hold you back on that.

Content Management projects are often still tackled from a technical point of view. A user experience process works from...

Erik Verdeyen (Internet Architects)
Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke (Krimson)


A great educational task is upon us. How do you deals with this information overload? How can you still create any useful project when technology changes at such high speed? How do we teach about the currently emerging activities on the Internet? 

We have taken on the challenge by a Master-level course on e-services for business students. This experimental course has evolved...

Mixel Kiemen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


Time: 13:00

Special meeting for civil servants working at local governments (closed meeting).

local government
Jan Verlinden (City of Schoten)



Time: 14:00

From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, users are visiting your sites from an increasing array of devices and browsers. Are your designs ready? Learn how to think beyond the desktop and craft beautiful designs that anticipate and respond to your users’ needs.

Fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are the three technical ingredients for adaptive and responsive web...

Kristof Orts (Krimson)


Lately, there was much ado about this thing called the Semantic Web. Dries Buytaert put the topic on the forefront in his DrupalConSF Keynote earlier this year.
But what is the Semantic Web? Why is it important? And what's Drupals' role in this? Krimson has been part of a research project
sponsored by IWT called Archipel (...

archipel, linked data, open data, RDF, semantic web, semweb
Matthias Vandermaesen (Krimson)


A local public administration has a big interest in sharing her experiences and software solutions with other local public administrations.   This is the mutualisation of open source software solutions  :  every public administration can copy usefull solutions from another public administration and vice versa.  Drupal is a very powerfull instrument to build quickly...

cooperatiion, local public administration, mutualisation, strategic instrument
Jan Verlinden (City of Schoten)


The European Commission and national authorities nominated 700 "Bologna Experts" who meet periodically and discuss the complex issue of harmonization of higher education in Europe. Nuvole was contracted by the tender winner from the European Commission, the UNICA network of universities, for the technical development of this community.


Drupal Distribution, European Commission, intranet, open atrium
Antonio De Marco (Nuvole)
Andrea Pescetti (Nuvole)


Time: 15:00

This session is a showcase for the Capacity4dev website

The site has been reworked from drupal 5 to drupal 6 with a complete redesign. All content was migrated. The whole process will be discussed during this session.

Amplexor, capacity4dev, European Commission
Peter Decuyper (Amplexor)
Christoforos Korakas (European Commission, DG EuropeAid)


ImmigrationPolicy 2.0 is a platform to pilot and evaluate a range of services enabling active citizens' participation in the shaping of migration policies, including the harmonization of diverse policies stemming from multiple EU countries. 

Its main objective is to offer to legal immigrants, policy makers, public administrators and experts in the domain of...

European Commission, opendebate, policy model, social networks
Elizabeth Moreno (Atos Research Innovation)


CultuurNet Vlaanderen (Brussels, 2002) specialises in cultural marketing. At the request of the Flemish authorities, this organisation tries to give (more) people (more) appetite for (more) culture. The OuTnetwork obtains its information from the UiTdatabank (OuTdatabase). This is the central point where all the information on leisure time and culture in Flanders is assembled. 3000 local...

cnapi, cultuurnet, e2e, Stad Herentals


Recent efforts have made it possible to install Drupal on different Operation Systems. In some cases however there might be real benefits in the use of multiple platforms to run applications and to deliver cloud services.

Members of your IT staff might also be more familiar with one type of operation system and you might have existing infrastructure of a specific platform type. For...

Michaela Kraft (Microsoft)


Time: 16:00

Aloha Editor – HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor
Aloha Editor is an Open Source project (started in 2010) and its vision is to become the standard for online editing. Aloha Editor's goal is to enable new technical possibilities and make editing content in CMS, web applications and webpages much easier with a real...

Aloha Editor, cost saving, editor, frontend editing, Gentics, WYSIWYG
Haymo Meran (Gentics)

In this session we will present the case study, website we developed for the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport ( We will discuss the challenges we met while implementing the website according to the web standards (w3c) and accessibility (drempelvrij). We will show the advantages of Drupal installation, which...

accessability, Deloitte, Government, invoeringwmo, showcase, web guidelines, web standards
Frank Ferdinand Neezen (Deloitte Consulting)
Collin Mous (Deloitte Consulting)


Open Data / Open Government is more important than ever. ODGI as a solution accelerator for Open Data running on Windows Azure helps government to fulfill their business requirements to open-up data for citizen in a re-usable format and integrates the content into Drupal or working with an interactive Map that uses Silverlight with Drupal backend.

Hans Loomans (Microsoft)



Drupal provides a great platform for transparency and collaboration with and among governments and individuals. However, many developers rule it out because they are unsure how to marry Web Content Management (WCM), document management, robust workflow, security and enterprise search within the platform – all generally required of government...

Alfresco, CMIS, drupal, government content management
Tudor Sitaru (Optaros)


Social Networks

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