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Attention: This event is past.
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9th April: Drupal Gov Developers Day

During the Drupal Gov Developers Day, we want to focus on the practical side of Drupal for the public good. The goal of the day is to bring together those with ideas with those that implement them. Since much of this idea sharing will have to happen in an organic way, we believe that this is best implemented in an open space format in which we will explore how we could use, extend and improve Drupal to make even better use of it in the public sector.

Meeting format:
This day will take place in the Open Space format: there will be no slideshow presentations. We are doing this to encourage all participants to contribute to the discussions they take part in and to prevent anyone from monopolizing a topic. You can find more information about Open Space Technology on it's Wikipedia page.

In the Drupal community the Open Space format has been utilized with great success notably for the Drupal CXO days that took part in December 2010. Vesa Palmu from Mearra said the following after the CXO meetup:
We used open space technology approach to self organize during these two days and it really worked pretty well. At the beginning of both days we collected all topics that people wanted to talk about, organized them in sessions and got started. Each session was a 45 minute discussion about the chosen title with participants interested in that specific topic. You can consider the sessions as even more improvised BoFs with people moving between sessions sometimes even during them.

Ronald Ashri from Istos wrote the following: Kristof (the main organiser) had the the brilliant idea of structuring the meeting as an Open Space Technology event - a format that I had never encountered before. At the start of each day people suggested topics of interest to them that were allocated time slots and rooms and people divided themselves between these topics throughout the day. Typically the person or persons that suggested the topic opened proceedings but generally the meetings simply evolved organically with all getting the chance to offer their views or pose questions. The format was great because it provided just enough structure to get things done whilst allowing plenty of space to adapt throughout the day and provided opportunities to meet , network and discuss with people.

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