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Aloha Editor - HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor or how editing can save 25% of your costs


Aloha Editor – HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor
Aloha Editor is an Open Source project (started in 2010) and its vision is to become the standard for online editing. Aloha Editor's goal is to enable new technical possibilities and make editing content in CMS, web applications and webpages much easier with a real WYSIWYG view. An active community of 200 developers and contributers garantuee the improvement of this project. Aloha Editor is already available in some CMS like Drupal, Wordpress, TYPO3 v5, Gentics, Midgard, locomotive, etc. Aloha Editor is also involved in the IKS project, which brings semantic interaction features to the editing process.



About the talk
Content editing is a time-consuming process and costs governmental organisations and companies millions of EURO because almost any CMS and web application use inefficient ways to create and maintain their content and knowledge. Aloha Editor is a new way of editing content and it is permanently optimized for fewer actions like clicks, key presses, etc. which results in less time for content creation. Used in a business where editing is important Aloha Editor can save organizations thousands to millions of EURO (25% less editing costs).
Aloha Editor combined with a professional CMS like Drupal brings governmental organisations benefits for robust semantic online creation of documents with interactive semantic and collaborative functions as well as outstanding link and image handling.

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Haymo Meran (Gentics)
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