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Discover how using proactive communication technologies and Drupal helps you engage your audience.


In April 2010 released four modules back to the Drupal community. One of the modules, GovDelivery, was released to specifically direct Drupal originated transactional emails through the GovDelivery service.

GovDelivery’s platform, designed specifically to help Government engage a large audience efficiently and effectively across all their online channels, is now used by over 400 government agencies worldwide.

The GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) service gives government organisations the ability to develop relationships with their audience, collaborate with partners and satisfy a public that desires quality, trusted information. Using GovDelivery, government bodies can keep the public up-to-date and well informed about programs, services and updates critical to the safety and vitality of their online communities.

This session provides an overview of the business benefits of using the GovDelivery service, it will also provide practical examples and cases studies from government agencies who are using GovDelivery to provide multi-channel communication via email, SMS, personalised RSS, Twitter and Facebook to ensure their audience are kept informed.

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Dave Worsell (GovDelivery)
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