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Drupal in Collaborative tools for citizen participation


ImmigrationPolicy 2.0 is a platform to pilot and evaluate a range of services enabling active citizens' participation in the shaping of migration policies, including the harmonization of diverse policies stemming from multiple EU countries. 

Its main objective is to offer to legal immigrants, policy makers, public administrators and experts in the domain of migration, the capability to contribute their valuable knowledge and experience in order to effectively enhance current efforts of migration policies harmonization at a European level as well as to help identify existing gaps in national policies compared to E.U. directives. The results will be implemented in various pilot sites: Germany, Estonia, Italy and Greece.


We integrated Drupal 7 in the IMP2.0 platform to promote citizen participation through web2.0 tools like Wikis, Blogs, Polls, Social Networks, etc. 


In this session we would share modules that we used, the problems we have had with the integration of a Policy Model System (flow diagram) and the ImmigrationPolicy architecture. 

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
Elizabeth Moreno (Atos Research Innovation)
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Social Networks

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