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Drupal as a Service for the Flanders' public administration


 Flanders' public administration counts 40.000 employees and 70 agencies and serves 6 million Flemings.

A considerable amount of money and effort is spent on internal communications and public communications. The share of digital communications increases but unfortunately this happens mainly organically.

Flanders' public administration hosts about 560 websites made by 370 webmasters in dozens of content management systems – some quite advanced, others rather handcrafted.

In our aim to setup common infrastructures, to rationalise our ICT-environment, to setup economies of scale, to optimise staffing, concentrate expertize and to cut costs, we started the project “Drupal as a service”.

This project must provide solutions for internet-, intranet- and extranetsites.

The output of the project “Drupal as a service”:

I. – Modular and scalable hosting architecture

II. – Library of (extendable) installation profiles with typical gov built-in services and modules and themes

III. – Drupal project office

  • Project management and developing individual websites on the Drupal Shared Platform
  • (On call) technical consultancy
  • (On call) development assistance
  • Audit

IV. Drupal expert and governance team + learning centre and end-user support team

  • Strategic planning
  • Capturing user needs
  • Managing the Drupal install profiles
  • Managing the hosting architecture
  • Managing the Drupal project office
  • Training
  • End-user support
  • Technical support

Next to this we will present some of of our current projects.

Session Details
Thursday 07.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Vincent Sennesael (Vlaamse overheid - afdeling communicatie)
Jan Dobbelaere (HP)
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