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Open Source Software for Public Administrations


Our presentation at Drupal Government Days aims to explore, the online communication platform of the Open Source Observatory and Repository. is an initiative of the European Commission with the scope to promote, exchange experience and share information on the use of open source software by Public Administrations. More particularly, provides helpful information for open source software developers who work on software that may be used to address the needs of public administrations.

The presentation will begin with an outline of what the platform provides in terms of information, databases, networking, and who and why can benefit from its use. Public administrations and software developers can stay updated on current relevant activities and can use the platform to facilitate communication of needs, requirements, and evolution.

Following the general introduction on how the public sector and the open source community can benefit from, the speaker will then move into explaining more technical details on how the platform works in relation to the specific areas of interest for the audience and will discuss how to choose the appropriate open source license when starting from scratch or when reusing other OSS components. Furthermore, an outline will be given on the benefits of the European Public License in an environment of different languages and legal systems, such as Europe.


Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
15-20 minutes
Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos (OSOR Consulting Team)
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