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GovDelivery, Whitehouse, and Open Source modules



In April 2010 released four modules back to the Drupal community.    One of the modules, GovDelivery, was released to specifically direct Drupal originated transactional emails through the GovDelivery service; and to inject subscribers into GovDelivery via custom "sign-up" forms that proliferate the website. 

GovDelivery in partnership with Acquia and other valuable team members built the GovDelivery module and contributed it to the community to validate the openness of the Drupal and GovDelivery architecture, but also allows significant cost savings for government through the use of shared code.  This software becomes more and more valuable to the Open Source and government community with every implementation that uses it.

Since that time, GovDelivery has added additional Drupal integration capabilties that take advantage of the core strengths of both platforms.  They are:

  • Configurable GovDelivery Signup form in a Drupal Module Block
  • Taxonomy -> GovDelivery topic automation
  • GovDelivery Dashboard

In this session we will also address some of the challenges that have been and may need to be overcome to effectively gain widespread adoption of open source drupal modules in government circles.

  • Security
  • Licensing Models
  • Code maintenance and support
Session Details
Thursday 07.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Brent Kastner (GovDelivery Inc.)
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