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How to Choose UGG Boots


Choosing the right UGG boots is a process of savvy matchmaking. Your dream UGG boots will: ugg bottes soldes. Match your hiking ambitions. Beefy backpacking boots, for example, are usually not necessary if all you are planning are day hikes—unless a backpacking UGG boot offers you the most comfort. Comfortably fit your feet. The years of REI footwear-fitting knowledge outlined in this article will help you select the right UGG boots.
UGG Boot Materials and Construction
Upper UGG Boot Materials
Materials impact a boot’s weight, breathability, durability and water resistance.
Full-grain leather: ugg boots outlet. Excellent durability and abrasion resistance; plus very good water resistance. Most commonly used in backpacking UGG boots built for extended trips, heavy loads and rugged terrain. Not as light or breathable as nylon/split-grain leather combinations. Ample break-in time is needed before starting an extended trip.
Nubuck leather: uggs clearance. Full-grain leather that has been buffed to resemble suede. It is very durable and resists water and abrasion. Fairly flexible, yet it also requires ample time to break in before an extended hike.
Synthetics: Polyester, nylon and so-called “synthetic leather” are all commonly found in modern UGG boots. They are lighter than leather, break in more quickly, dry faster and usually cost less. Waterproof linings: ugg boots clearance. UGG Boots billed as “waterproof” feature uppers constructed with waterproof/breathable membranes. They work well to keep feet dry in wet conditions.
Tip: The leather on these UGG boots should be still treated with a waterproofing product to keep dust and dirt from impacting the waterproof linings. Different UGG boot fabrics can deliver very similar performance. ugg outlet. Personal preference is often the final factor when a decision is reached. It’s usually a good idea to trust your gut instincts.

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