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From Master-level Drupal course to micro-spinoffs


A great educational task is upon us. How do you deals with this information overload? How can you still create any useful project when technology changes at such high speed? How do we teach about the currently emerging activities on the Internet? 

We have taken on the challenge by a Master-level course on e-services for business students. This experimental course has evolved significantly over the past five years. In many ways we have underestimated the agility of students. The openness of the course challenges the students and every year the best students would show in what direction the course could evolve. Two years ago students start selling their projects, but last year one student created a business plan and searched for capital to start its own spinoff. Indeed, Master-level micro-spinoffs! 

During this presentation we look at the important aspect learned form this experimental course and outline a road map to educational reform that can deal with the speed innovation and complexity experienced on the Internet. Such an educational reform will require more than one course. Instead a whole program is required. We do not only expect many students to want such a program, but belief that it could lead fruitful micro-spinoffs that would be fit for the current Internet businesses. For example in the Drupal ecosystem many small shops exist that collaborate on projects development to create new distributions.

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Mixel Kiemen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
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