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The Walloon Enterprise Portal (Jan 2012). Why did we choose Drupal 7?


The first release of the Walloon Enterprise Portal (WEP) is foreseen for January 2012. It aims to guide companies located in Wallonia through walloon institutions that could provide them with services, advices and investment aids.

This project needs to be evolutive over the years. Technological choices that were made are aligned with this long-term vision of the portal, but bring therefore some interesting challenges.

As Drupal 7 were launched at the same time that the first analysis of WEP, many questions remain unanswered and time flies!

The AS-E (Agence de stimulation économique), who handles the project, would like to explain to the european eGov Community what were the technological and philosophical reasons for this choice (Drupal 7 rather than 6) and the daily challenges she's currently facing to develop the portal.


Session Details
Thursday 07.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Serge Fontinoy (K Company)
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