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Public Works Monitoring in Drupal


The Municipality of Parma, Italy, uses Public Works, a Drupal solution built by Nuvole, as a support tool for managing an investment plan of 530 million Euros in public works over three years.

Public Works is configured as a Drupal installation profile and exploits the Drupal capabilities: the effective visualization system makes it possible to spot very quickly the critical issues with a public work, to monitor delays and see what needs action; the attractive display of public works makes the tool suitable for reporting too, either online or offline thanks to the PDF export and printing features.

Public Works is ready to be extended with "Open government" features: citizens can stay informed about ongoing public works in general or pick those of interest, thus following in real-time the expected and actual work schedule, possible disruptions and a timeline with pictures and events.

Session Details
Thursday 07.04.2011
15-20 minutes
Andrea Pescetti (Nuvole)
Antonio De Marco (Nuvole)
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