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Publishing Sharepoint Content On Your Drupal Website


In this session I'd like to show a module that allows the integration of Sharepoint content into your Drupal website.

Sharepoint -> Drupal integration is an interesting case because you now can expose the benefits of using Sharepoint ( Document collaboration and versioning, Integration with Microsoft Office, Docuemnt workflows , Enterprise Search, etc. )  in your Drupal website,  and therefore we've implemented a module that does just that.

The session will cover an introduction on how Sharepoint organizes and stores it's data , a use case when to use this module , and how we map everything to Drupal.

A real-life example will be shown during the session and will cover the following topics :

  • Manage documents and metadata in Sharepoint
  • Using views in Drupal to query and expose Sharepoint content on the fly
  • Using feed imports to copy Sharepoint content for publishing on busy sites.
Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Stefaan Ponnet (Fusebox)
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