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Remote collaboration and institutional Intranets with Drupal and Open Atrium


The European Commission and national authorities nominated 700 "Bologna Experts" who meet periodically and discuss the complex issue of harmonization of higher education in Europe. Nuvole was contracted by the tender winner from the European Commission, the UNICA network of universities, for the technical development of this community.

The Bologna Experts community has two major components: a central website for discussions and presentation of outcomes and a network of dedicated mini-sites, one for each seminar.

The Virtual Community is based on Open Atrium, with advanced customizations that allow to have rich user profiles, mapping integration to search experts on a geographical basis, faceted search to find experts based on any combination of criteria, Open Atrium groups with standard tools (such as discussions and documents repository) for each working group, an extra "group" that serves as a public portal.

The conference websites are based on a flexible conference template website, packaged as a standard Drupal installation profile and thus very secure and flexible. The template can be completely customized and it is preconfigured for inserting content in a modular way. Usernames and passwords are synchronized with the ones in the Virtual Community, to allow experts to register to any events using the same username and password.

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
15-20 minutes
Antonio De Marco (Nuvole)
Andrea Pescetti (Nuvole)
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