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User centered design in Drupal


In this session Internet Architects and Krimson will talk about how government sites can benefit from a user centered approach to building websites. Learn how to build a site that serves your visitors and don't let Drupal's limitations hold you back on that.

Content Management projects are often still tackled from a technical point of view. A user experience process works from front to back, starting with the needs of the end user. Consistent and correct front-end behavior is essential in realizing a user centered design. We have developed a user interface component library and parser and have been working to better integrate front-end code within Drupal, ensuring that essential design principles that are not available by default can work.

Drupal often gets criticized for its inconsistent and bloated HTML, but in this Drupal 7 project we seperated logic from layout to be able to link Drupal's strength in terms of content management with the component based approach by Internet Architects. By using Display Suite (in combination with Field Group), Panels and Views, we managed to take control over the HTML output, while keeping a large level of flexibility. We will show you what the pitfalls were in this process, and how to build a flexible layout-driven system with a high level of maintainability.

Session Details
Friday 08.04.2011
45-50 minutes
Erik Verdeyen (Internet Architects)
Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke (Krimson)
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